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subjectSupply of internal adsorber (Silica Gel & Activated Alumina) for removing THF and Water/TBC from solvent flow of polymerization reactors
locationIran/Asaluyeh/Jam Petrochemical plant
vendorDoran Energy and Fluidel
clientJondi shapour Co.
conditionin progress

Project Description

In batch polymerization ,depending on the product grade to be produced ,it is possible to use THF as an activator.This activator remains in the solvent fed to the purification section.
It is needed to remove THF from the solvent when the plant must produce grades without activator.
For this reason, THF adsorber columns filled with silica gel, are used to remove THF.
Raw styrene supplied to the plant, usually contains water and TBC-Tertiary Butyl Catechol as main impurities. These impurities are poisons for the polymerization initiator and therefore they have to be removed from the monomer.
The purification step is carried out by adsorption in driers which use activated Alumina as a desiccant Water and TBC content.