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We are representing this company in Iran

Italian company working in filtration industry also supplier of internals of filtration vessels. Fluidel is a leader operating at an international level and specializing in the development, design, and construction of systems and equipment specifically conceived to fully meet customer technical needs and find the best possible compromise between size, system costs and operating costs.

Fluidel’s ranges of products are as follows:

1. Cartridges filters/micro filters for filtration of solids from liquid and gases
2. Basket filters for filtration of solids from liquid and gases
3. Automatic backwash filters for filtration solids from liquids
4. Sand filters
5. Active carbon filters
6. Liquid – liquid separators/ coalesce separators
7. Hydro cyclones
8. CPI, water and oil/solids separations
9. Belt oil skimmers, water & oil removal
10. Pneumatic pumps, hydrocarbons groundwater solutions
11. Static mixer & mixer heat exchangers
12. Ejector, single stage, multi stage